Wet Cookies with Cocoa

Wet Cookies with Cocoa
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If you are tired of eating normal cookies, if you want more different cookie recipes, this recipe is for you. The cacao flavor of the wet cookies distributed in the mouth is unquestionably excellent. You can offer this recipe to your wife, friend and relative to your tea or coffee. This recipe, which is quite practical, will be at the top of your recipe book.

Don’t forget to try the recipe for the cocoa wet cookie that your guests will be asking for and the recipe will be indispensable. You’re welcome to try.

Ingredients for Cocoa Wet Cookies Recipe
1 piece of egg
1 teacup of oil
1 tea cup candy
125 gr. (half pack) margarine
4 tablespoons cocoa
1 packet of baking powder
1 packet of vanilla
3 cups flour
For sherbet;

2 tea cups of water
2 tea cup candy
Wet Cookie Recipe Preparation with Cocoa
First, boil the sugar with water and let it cool down.
Mix 1 egg with mixer.
Add oil and sugar for 5 min. gobble
Add all the remaining materials and knead.
Let’s get a dough with a viscous consistency.
Let’s roll small pieces from the dough and roll them on the oiled tray and bake them in the oven.
We start to crack the toothpicks and look at whether the oven is closed.
Prepare the hot cookies in the sherbet we have prepared and cooled for 2-3 seconds. then take it back to the serving plate. Enjoy your meal.
Wet Cookie Tricks
You should make sure that the cookies you use are at room temperature.
First of all, you should leave it to cool down by doing it.
You should make sure that your cold cookies are warm when you drink your cookies.
Apple cookies
This recipe is for those who want to diversify their wet cookies. Click here for the recipe for the apple wet cookies.
Carrot Wet Cookies
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Is the wet cookie stored in the refrigerator?
Keeping your wet cookies in the refrigerator is not the preferred situation for most people.
How many calories in wet cookies?
A medium-sized 1-portion wet cookie corresponds to 559 calories. Patients and dieters should be careful not to consume.

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