Aeropress Coffee Recipe

It’s not a day that a brand new coffee preparation. In fact, we do not question our lives by seeing different coffee brewing tools. Here is one of the days we wanted to talk about aeropress coffee prepared with aeropress tool.

Invented in 2005, yes more baby countable, a tool aeropress. The working principle is not as complicated as the siphon coffee. It’s like a siphon for those who don’t want to waste time making coffee. The nice thing is that you can prepare espresso-grade coffees in a shorter time.

The most important feature of Aeropress is that you can get an espresso-grade coffee just like we mentioned. In addition, it has a higher pH than drip, ie drip coffee, and a total brewing time of 30 seconds.

tekcafe – aeropress recipe, how to do?

We give the right to those who think there is no big difference with French press. The most important feature that distinguishes Aeropress from the French press is that the air that is processed in the coffee affects the taste positively.

Now let’s see how aeropress works. Aeropress works when two tubes are intertwined. There is an area where you can put a paper filter at the bottom of the bottom tube. This area also allows coffee and water to be poured into the glass. The bottom tube, ie the lower chamber, is the area where coffee and water are placed. The upper tube is the tube that helps suppress the coffee and water at the bottom.

As we look at the working principle, we can watch the video for a better understanding.

1 person

2 minutes

30 seconds

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Ingredients17 gr.
ground coffee for aeropress
400 ml.
1 piece
aeropress coffee machine
Key point
After placing the filter in the bottom tube, pour hot water and soak for 30 seconds. This ensures better filtering. Then pour this water.

How To?
Place the filter in the bottom tube of your Aeropress tool and close the lid. As with the tip, soak the filter and pour the water.

Place the coffee that will be drawn for your aeropress or draw yourself. Shake the coffee to distribute well.

Pour the water over your coffee and boil for approximately 45 seconds. Make sure that the Aeropress has 3 on it.

Gently mix the remaining coffee on the surface and place the top tube of the aeropress on the bottom tube. Make sure that the black gasket at the end of the lower tube holds the top tube and gently push the top tube down.

Serve when you are sure that all the coffee is poured into the glass. Enjoy your meal.

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