Hira Dessert

If you haven’t tried this delicious dessert of Tokat region, you are not late. That’s your opportunity. A delicious dessert in Tokat, especially served during the feast days, served with love and refreshed with appetite: Hira dessert.

A sweet syrup, but it hardly works. Practical dough, prepared with a well-prepared syrup of the hearts of sweet lovers can say that you will establish the heart. Because there are plenty of semolina in it and on it. Let’s take this beautiful dessert, which is distributed in the mouth, to the kitchen for a moment before, and we will send all the Tokat with love. Have fun, sir.


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12 pieces

20 minutes

25 minutes

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Materials1 pcs
1/2 cup
1/2 cup
liquid oil
1 cup
1 cup
1 package
baking powder
1/2 package
To find: 1/2 cup
For sherbet: 2 cups
granulated sugar
2 cups
Key point
The most important trick of Hira dessert is that the sherbet is made without boiling. After the water with sugar in the pan, just stir until the sugar is melted and before starting to boil, turn off the gold and allow to cool. As with many sherbet dessert, the cold sherbet must be poured on the hot dessert.

How To?
First, let’s prepare the sherbet and let it cool down. Put the water and sugar in a pot, open the bottom of the cooker and stir continuously until the sugar melts. Do not boil the sherbet, just mix until the sugar is melted, before starting to boil the gold and leave to cool.

Take all the ingredients for dough into a kneading dish and mix well with the help of a spatula. You will get a very soft and soft paste.

Cut walnut-sized pieces from your prepared dough, roll them with your hand and throw them into the semolina, which you take on a large plate to find the top, and roll it all over the semolina.

Shape all the dough in this way, knead into the greaseproofed baking tray and cook for about 25 minutes in the pre-heated 180 degree oven until the tops are browned.

As soon as the desserts come out of the oven, squeeze the sherbet on top of them and leave your desserts to rest until you pull the sherbet completely.

After the desserts are squeezed and after they are cold, decorate them with pistachios and serve them.

Service Proposal
You can serve it by decorating with pistachios

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