Kemalpaşalı Cup Dessert Recipe

It would be really good if it was a practical, not needed to bake, a dessert that was very simple to give shape and a tiny surprise in it, wouldn’t it? Here are the dreams come true and you want to describe the table as a cup of dessert.

We are doing the Kemalpaşa dessert which we all love, but we are not satisfied with this.

We take those Kemalpans and keep them in a delicious pudding. We also shape the cup with the coffee cup, it is exquisite. It is also a sweet dessert that never lingers.

Then Kemalpasalar to take their places, coffee cup is ready to start. Have a meal.


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For 5 people

10 minutes

20 minutes

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Ingredients for Külalpaşa dessert: 1/2 package
ready Kemalpaşa dessert
2.5 cups
1 liter
For custard: 3.5 cups
3.5 tbsp
granulated sugar
1 tablespoon
1 pack of relief
1/2 cup
(1 tablespoon can be added) For over: 1/2 cup
Key point
It is very important that you soak the cups with cold water, otherwise it will be difficult to remove the custards.

How To?
Prepare and cook Kemalpaşa dessert as it is written on the package.

Take the chemotheraphy that you have cooked to set aside for cooling.

For custard, mix all the necessary ingredients except butter and vanilla in a saucepan and open the bottom of the cooker. Bake until it starts boiling and stirring.

When the consistency intensifies, close the gold and put the butter and vanilla into it and mix well.

Choose a coffee cup of any size, a Turkish coffee cup or medium-sized coffee cup.

Rinse the coffee cups with cold water and put a little amount of custard in the cups.

Take one of the kemal pasha desserts that you sneak by gently squeezing the sherbet and put on it.

Pour the custard over the top again and fill the cup.

Put the cups in the refrigerator and leave it in the refrigerator for one night.

The next day, turn the cups over a serving plate and serve them with coconut.

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