Quince Dessert with Cinnamon Sauce Recipe

It is time for the grandmother who opens in the winter like the sun and loves her fruit as dessert and the wood is too high! Hard and eaten with a sharp sourness when you eat the lemon on the lumps of sake, and have you tried salting? We would definitely recommend if you haven’t tried. It’s a delicious taste. It’s like a miracle. Close to white in the yellow tones of the pots you put in the pot, pomegranate as a pomegranate turns out to be sweet! When you put a slider on it, an unbearable flavor emerges.

In this recipe, we prepared a delicious cinnamon sauce to add extra flavor to the quince flavors. The cream, quince and cinnamon sauce trio were in perfect harmony. We leave the video down, this taste must be done as soon as possible, enjoy! Enjoy your meal

6 pieces

10 minutes

1.5 hours

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Materials 3 pieces
1 piece
lemon juice
1 liter
(we will use it to prevent the blacking of the quinces) 2 pieces
cinnamon sticks
10 units
3 pieces
6 coffee cups
granulated sugar
1.5 cups
For Cinnamon Sauce: 200 ml.
2 teaspoons
Brown sugar
1 teaspoon
1 package
For: 6 tablespoons
1 teaspoon
file almond
1 teaspoon
How To?
First of all combine 1 liter of water and 1 lemon juice in a bowl.

Divide the quince in half and remove the core with the help of a spoon and set the kernels aside.

Peel the outer shell of the Ayvalar, put the quinces in lemon water and let them soak.

Remove all quinces from lemon juice and place them in the pot.

Add 1 coffee cup powdered sugar over each quilts.

Add the cinnamon, clove and quince seeds, add 1.5 cups of water and close the lid and allow to cook over medium heat.

As the foams begin to boil, turn the bottom down and cook until the kernels are red and give the red color.

Take the consistency of the jelly, remove the quinces from the stove when it is red and leave to cool.

In a sauce pot, mix cream, brown sugar, vanillin and cinnamon and stir until it boils.

Boil the boiling sauce for 5 more minutes on a low fire and remove from the stove and allow to cool.

Serve 1 table spoon of cream, cinnamon gravy and sour almonds and pistachios.

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