Cherry Muffin Dessert Recipe

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If you want sweet sweet, long, cooking and waiting stages, we have a wonderful dessert for those who are bored! Both practical and light taste you will cherish the cherry sweet summer-winter cherry to choose a recipe you can choose. Moreover, it is possible to experiment with many different materials and make them a dessert according to your taste!

We wanted to use a combination of sweet and sour tastes with a cherry sauce. When he poured sugar powder on it, he gives a similar feeling to love at first sight.

We share our video recipe below, we wish you to enjoy this delicious and light dessert with pleasure.

6 people

15 minutes

20 minutes

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Materials 3 pieces
puff pastry
1 cup of tea
drop chocolate
4 tablespoons
powdered sugar
(for sprinkling on) For custard: 500 ml.
1/2 cup
granulated sugar
3 tablespoons
2 pieces
egg yolk
2 tablespoons
1 cup
For Cherry Sauce: 2 cups
frozen cherry
2 tablespoons
1.5 cups of tea
6 tablespoons
granulated sugar
How To?
Cut the puff pastry into square.

Place the baking sheet on the baking sheet and place the puff pastry in the oven and cook in a 180 degree oven for 20 minutes.

Add the milk, powdered sugar, starch and egg yolk to the medium pot and cook until medium to dark. When the boiling point, add the cream and butter and remove from the stove.

For cherry sauce; place the frozen sour cherry, powdered sugar, water and starch in a sauce pot and cook until thick and thick. Leave it warm after cooking.

Cut the baked puff pastry dough in the middle.

Place the halves into a container.

Add the custard on which you cook and spread it using the spatula.

Sprinkle the cherry sauce and drop chocolates.

With the rest of the dough, cover the dessert and sprinkle with powdered sugar and serve with a crisp, lukewarm serving and enjoy with your loved ones.

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