Walnut Cup Kataifi Recipe

This time we will taste the sweet desserts with sweets, an appetizing dessert recipe! It consists of a mortar blended with plenty of cream and walnuts, while the outside consists of freshly roasted pomegranates. Making this recipe is both fun and very practical. So if you need to entertain your guests suddenly, this recipe can be your rescuer.

It is also possible to enrich your internal mortar. For example; You can also get different flavors by putting hazelnut paste or dried fruits instead of cream and walnuts.

We will add a video of this delicious recipe, which will not end in a narrative, but will not be satisfied. Hope to add more taste to your pleasant moments, enjoy your meal!


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22 pieces

15 minutes

25 minutes

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Ingredients600 grams
Shredded dough baked in syrup topped with crushed nuts
1 cup
melted butter
1 cup
1.5 cups
For sherbet: 3 cups
2 cups
granulated sugar
3 drops
lemon juice
How To?
For the sherbet, mix the sugar and the juice in a sauce pot until it becomes homogeneous. After the sugar has melted, simmer over medium heat. After boiling a few drops of lemon juice drop and the bottom of the furnace. After holding in the stove for about 10 minutes, let it cool and take it to cool.

Place the wire tumblers in a large bowl. Take the butter with the molten butter on top of it, and remove all the fats.

Slice in a separate bowl and stir the pounded walnut.

Put a glass of coffee in the middle of a coffee cup.

Place a mixture of creamy walnuts into the space in the middle.

Cover it with a piece of wire kadayif and turn the cup into the oven to go into the oven. Apply this to the oven until all of the container is covered.

Pre-heated 180 degrees bake for about 25 minutes until they are browned.

Pour the sherbet that has cooled down, pour it over the fried and hot wire bakers.

You can serve after taking the sherbet

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