Lentil Pie

The only high cost of the dishes is that they are not tasty. Sometimes, home made, affordable materials are made with such recipes that taste is not satisfied. Lentil pie is also one of the sample recipes that shows you can catch great tastes with little cost.

Green lentils flavored with onions and spices, a fresh yufka and a light fluffy and crunchy flavor when it comes out of the oven is quite tasty. It can be brewed with tea or you can eat it with a homemade buttermilk. It’s great with both!

We’ve got the video down, bon appetit!

4 pieces

10 minutes

25 minutes

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Ingredients2 tablespoons oil2 pieces onions3 cups green lentils (boiled) 1 teaspoon salt1 teaspoon black pepper1 teaspoon chili1 teaspoon powder red pepper1 / 2 cups water 2 pieces yufka1 teaspoon sesame (for over) For meringue mortar: 1 water cup of milk2 pcs of eggs (over 1 egg yolk) 1/2 tea cup of liquid oilHow to do?
To prepare a lentil inner mortar, roast the oil and edible chopped onions in a heated pan until soft.

Add the lentils boiled on the onions.

Then add salt, pepper, paprika, chili powder, pepper and water and cook for 5 minutes.

Divide a dough into four and place one quarter in a suitable bowl.

The other quarter, a piece of yufkaya, milk, eggs and liquid oil by flapping a piece of bread prepared in the dough you put into the bowl and put into the bowl.

Add 3 spoons from the lentils and add the dough to the egg mixture and add the dough to the floor in this way, and the edge of the pastry with the dough hanging from the edges.

Turn the bowl upside down to remove the pastry from the bowl and place it on the greased baking tray.

Sprinkle egg yolks on each pie and sprinkle with sesame seeds and cook in pre-heated 180 degrees oven for 25 minutes

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